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About Us

 Jewelry Made by Hand and Heart

After I had my son, I wanted to do something that would make me feel like me. On a whim, I decided to try making jewelry. I wasn’t sure where it would take me when I started, but over four years I went from a hobbyist maker to an artist and small business owner. May Moon Co. is the result of hard work and my own determination to learn everything I could on my own. I found my passion in creation.


Every item in my shop is handmade, from delicate inlaid stone earrings to elaborately etched and laser cut sun catchers. I taught myself to use every tool and technique in my shop and I source the materials with care. The materials I use come from small businesses including lapidary artists and I often source directly from manufacturers. My favorite and most used materials to use are brass, recycled sterling silver, and natural gemstones.


I am inspired and influenced by my Wiccan beliefs, from the celestial magic of our earth and sky to the whisper of the dark and the unknown. My personal aesthetic of retro 70s inspired fashion and home décor is also present in my work. My family and I have lived across Canada and the U.S.A., including our current home in St. Louis Missouri, and these experiences also influence the pieces I make.


My handmade and unique pieces inspire me to become a better artist every day and I create each piece with purpose to bring joy and beauty into the world. Becoming an artist and small business owner helped me grow into the person and mother I always wanted to be.


I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for with me.